July 11, 2012

I am officially back and haven’t forgotten about you guys.  I’ve been back in Tennessee for 2 weeks now and I am still getting myself adjusted…trying to turn off my city brain and get back into my southern girl state of mind.

In the coming months I will be working on making the AfroChic Lifestyle an original brand, and a part of this process will be me getting my creative on, and really focusing on the areas that I feel scream AfroChic.

One part of the business that I am hoping to get going first is a line of homemade hand canned goodies. So in prep I am taking a Canning Class at the Cohn Adult Learning Center in West Nashville.

A big part of my being back in my city is really and truly discovering everything Nashville has to offer.  There are so many hidden gems and resources in this city so a fun part of the process will also be rediscovering all the great things this city has to offer.

So there are more pics from my Adventures in Pickling after the Jump and my OOTD for the class as well. You know me!

This is Russell the instructor.  He is a pretty funny guy and fairly new to the canning game.  (I’m not new just refreshing my memory as I have a mom an a granny who have canned religiously.) After he realized I was photographing the class he began setting up shots and posing. Hilarious!

He also rocks a mean Cowboy Boot!

 The first class was simply to just learn the basics of canning and to watch his process.  Cohn Learning Center has a Fig Tree and Grape Vines on their campus which we are both using in this class.  Grape Leaves act as a firming agent for the pickles and well Figs are simply delicious and can be pickled/jammed as well.

Concord Grapes, they were super sweet!

Figs, Grapes, and Catnails (which need to be re-painted)

Pickling Cucumbers

Pickling Spice

Grape Leaves and Ball Jars

pickle spears

Bubbles releasing has the jars seal

Russel bought some of his pickles for us to sample

they were a bit on the salty side but we had been warned that he was still tweaking his recipe. Next class we will begin out own recipes and I am starting with Pickled Green Tomatoes!!!

and here’s what I wore.

This dress was one of the first that was a part of Targets Go International Program. It might be the Proenza Schouler Line but I’m unsure and this was before they started tagging with the Designer’s name.   Winter 2007

Shoes Aldo Silver Tipped Flats

Skinny Patent Leather Belt H&M

Oversized Hoops Dots Fashions

Silver Statement Ring F21

Malcolm X Specs Target

So I should have posts coming more regularly now. I need to setup a photography layout for my OOTD posts, I’ve got to move my photos out of cell phone land and into the land of real cameras if I really want for my style to be noticed and effective.  So baby steps but I promise I am getting there.

I would love to know what summer projects you are taking on this summer.  How are you continuing that thirst for knowledge while having fun at the same time?


AfroChic Lifestyle



Carrying Africa with me Daily

Happy Hump Day, Ya’ll!

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  1. MrsSaditty said

    Im new to your site and brand but how about I’m totally hooked??

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