“I’m gon’ be fine/ Divinely designed/ My heart do the beatin’ but the blood ain’t mine…”

From the very first rhyme, Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Great Blacks (of the recently released A Thoughtiverse Unmarred)  is a soulful ode to the ancestors “standing in her corner.” Sporting a radiantly fluffy afro, chunky rings and chains, and enviable giant gold hoops, the all black-clad singer-slash-rapper-slash-goddess reveals how her path was irrevocably changed by the realization of her divinity and connection to those who’d paved the way before her.

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June 5, 2012

So it seems it was much cooler today than expected.  For me once June rolls around Im no longer interested in checking the weather I feel like it should always be warm whether rain or shine.

Which means todays OOTD quickly became something else.

In life in general I tend to default to skirts or dresses. Well it was def spring nippy this morning which means I went for pants, and even worse I went for Blue Jeans.

I am not a Blue Jeans kind of girl, in my mind I would like to be and I own plenty of pairs but when I go to put them on they rarely fit right, my thighs suffocate struggling to stretch more room, my hips are generally straight and finding a pair of jeans for straight hips and thick thighs I guess is not common.

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The filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa presents an Op-Doc on black women’s decision to embrace their naturally kinky hair, rather than use chemical straighteners. For whatever reason my embed code isn’t working so you can view the Video Transition Here



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Transition – Video Library – The New York Times, posted with vodpod

This film speaks so much to how I feel about natural hair and why Im pretty passionate in my arguments with women of color who prefer to rock their straight hair more often than not.

I love versatility more than anyone.  If you know me you know I’ve rocked many different over the years. I’ve done my own weave, wigs, braids, straightening, dying, and rocked my natural hair in a myriad of styles. I came to be concerned when I realized that I was defaulting to straight hair more often than not.  Now granted Ive been natural for all of my life minus two years in undergrad, but it still didnt sit well with me.  Why was I so bothered when I rocked my natural hair?  Why was I having many panic attacks if my edges didnt lay straight and flat, or I couldnt get every single one of my curls completely defined? Then I realized that it wasn’t about ease it was about fear.

In this video Saro Wiwa talks about how so many Women of color don’t see natural hair as a political movement and this troubles me.  I have always thought of it as a political movement, as Black Power, as a way for Black Folk to reclaim what we seem to have lost. Our sense of community, identity, our sense of self love, a belief in Black Love, and Black Family, our belief in us plain and simple.  Im discouraged when I seam the #team hashtags anywhere because it seems for some that this will become yet another way to divide us.

I can admit that I don’t understand the ease, practical excuses when I have only ever seen your hair it its straight state. It still speaks to the fact (and we know that actions speak louder than words right?) that when you look in the mirror you can’t deal with or see the beauty in the natural you, so you have to alter in order to feel more comfortable in your skin. Protective Styling doesn’t mean  you true hair always has to be hidden.

No you don’t have to rock a fro 365 to know self, but when youve never known or taken the time to embrace your roots, learn them, love them, cherish tme. You’re only intersted in the easy route, then to me that speaks to lack of love for self and a misunderstanding of the DOPENESS that is your own culture.

I am intersted in truly hearing your thoughts on this and not just from women!


The NeoAfro

Since my 2nd Big Chop, I’ve managed to dye my hair as well as completely re-work my hair regimen.

My main concern right now is moisture. The more my hair is short like this, the more I am beginning to fall in love all over again with my curls.

Its funny though because I remember when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I was super scissor happy with hair when younger and I got it in my mind that I wanted short texturized locs.  I will never forget after my hair was all cut off I kept waiting for the woman to add some product, to say something encouraging, anything but she just left me and my hair.

When I got home I cried for days, I was sure I had ruined my life. The jokes came as soon as I set foot in school.

But the difference between then and now, is that now, I love the skin Im in regardless of onlookers.

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February 28, 2012






One place, two things, and an action that very much play a role in defining who I am. They are not the quintenssential definition of me but I can say that you can’t have me without having bits and pieces of all of them.

and it seems I’ve stumbled across someone who might have the same interests as well.

Chastity Brown

(photo not by me)

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February 27, 2012

I haven’t done an OOTD post in forever and honestly I don’t like winter. I’ve also been to busy to feel pretty lately (bad excuse I know).  So this is just a quick post, but I cant scream any  louder that I’m ready for summer and as always my love affair with all things bright and patterned continues!

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February 23, 2012

The NeoAfro is about more than just hair. Its a movement, a way of life, my way of life. Which includes so many things one of which is food as an expression of the soul, love and creativity.

Dinner last night was just fries and I’ve no guilt about that at all. With everyone talking about what they are giving up for lent, I have no plans for giving up anything that involves potatoes and all of their yummy goodness.

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February 13, 2012

It wasn’t planned, didn’t even know I was going to do it.

I Big Chopped!

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June 23, 2011

There was a time when I wrote poetry prolifically and then  you know the story … life kicked in…Thanks to the New Jill Scott Album … and where I find myself in life … I’ve really been wanting to start writing again though I have yet to pick up a pen and paper… for now I am just playing around with it in my mind … searching for inspiration … sometimes I go back and read my old work … and I am never pleased with it … and yet it reveals so much about who I am today … So I over the next few weeks I will post some of my poem… most of which I turn my own nose up at, as I am my own worst critic.

This piece was written in June of 2004 when I was a sophomore in college … sheesh seems forever ago …

Tennessee Nights 

the muggy ensemble
of tennesse nights
succumbs to a naked body
searching for air against the
suffocating sheets
the antique hum of rotating blades provides consolation not
as glistening flesh plays tag amid the moving of a mock breeze
red blood runs
white hot
as delusions of ancestoral spirit invade her soul
feeling th passion of she who
during every appalachain evensong
the desire between cotton weak thighs
as in darkness she traded
her physical hell for sublime burning desire
the fear from master to slave released in
animalistic intensity
as the moon itself reflected on exposed secrets
melts blushing
as humid tension
s   t
n    u
entangled bodies mad
creating generations of those
who lie awake and dream
in muggy ensemble
of tennesse nights

So it is def no bueno to start a new blog and then go MIA for a whole month. Please excuse my absence but life kicked in hard and I had to take a moment to conquer it all.

Not to mention a week ago I had emergency surgery. Imagine my surprise at making it thru 27 years of life unscathed no surgeries… broken bones … and  all of a sudden a night in the emergency turned into 5 days in the hospital for a twist that they found in my small intestine. Oh but wait the icing on the cake I was in surgery with only 2 weeks until my first festival opens.

God is good though and I am doing well. A week out of surgery and I feel like I’m back to new even though I am still healing. SunFest is 4 days away and I will be there with bells on to watch my baby bloom! My parents flew in to take care of my and my mother has been here to make sure I am taking time to heal and not running around like a nut as she knows how I get days before I open an event.

So if you are in the DMV you should def get your butt out to SunFest 2011. June 19, 2011 in Downtown Silver Spring

So this is a short post, but for those out there reading please keep checking back.  Posts will be coming back into regular rotation over the next month. Peace & Love CurryCurls