I am officially back and haven’t forgotten about you guys.  I’ve been back in Tennessee for 2 weeks now and I am still getting myself adjusted…trying to turn off my city brain and get back into my southern girl state of mind.

In the coming months I will be working on making the AfroChic Lifestyle an original brand, and a part of this process will be me getting my creative on, and really focusing on the areas that I feel scream AfroChic.

One part of the business that I am hoping to get going first is a line of homemade hand canned goodies. So in prep I am taking a Canning Class at the Cohn Adult Learning Center in West Nashville.

A big part of my being back in my city is really and truly discovering everything Nashville has to offer.  There are so many hidden gems and resources in this city so a fun part of the process will also be rediscovering all the great things this city has to offer.

So there are more pics from my Adventures in Pickling after the Jump and my OOTD for the class as well. You know me!

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Just a quick post as I have two events today.

Dress H&M and I did a little DIY on it

Hat F21

Bow Specs Vendor Eastern Market DC

White SeaHorse Sandal Miss Trish for Target

Purse KimChi Blue via UrbanOutfitter

Strawberry Earring Divided by H&M

FYI I absolutely love this whole ensemble!

The  Old School Stawberry Candies were my Inspiration for this ‘Fit

Happy Saturday, Love!


The NeoAfro

AfroChic Lifestyle


Carry Africa With me Daily

You know what time it is! Pretty sure the weather went from pleasant to hell overnight.  I am not complaining I would rather have heat than cold, but sheeesh can you ease me into it just a bit.  Guess not, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Click after the jump for the details on my Toucan Ma’am OOTD 

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Tuesday’s OOTD and I’m still rockin my No Makeup Face just some mascara and gloss.  Another reason I’ll be happy to get back to Tennessee,  I had issues with my skin when I lived on the West Coast, and issues on the East Coast though not as many, and as much as I complain about the HumidSouth my hair and skin act best under those circumstances.

Click after the jump for more details on today’s ‘Fit and also a Natural Hair Quick Tip for easy texture.  I’m planning on getting back into the habit of doing more posts on natural hair, these posts just require more time and effort and will be easier for me to do once I am back home!

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In Jr. High I swore off yellow, it seemed like every time I wore anything yellow folks would comment on how I looked sick, I didnt get it then, but now I know its about the shade of yellow.  Either way Yellow is probably one of my fav colors for 2012. The Neons are crazy popular right now and I love them too but Im not a fan of looking like the rest of the crowd.  For me especially in a season where something might be trendy even if I like the trend I always aim to find different way to play around and also to make the trend my own.

How do you find a balance between trendy and your own style?

Get the Outfit Details after the Jump!

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June 13, 2012

Just a quick little something about todays OOTD. Its inspired by the South African Necklace that was gifted to me by one of my SunFest2012 Vendors.

Tank Mini Dress H&M Spring/Summer 2012

Tribal Look Chevron Cardigan F21 Spring/Summer 2012

Multi Snake Skin Platform Shoes BCBG Winter 2009

Zebra Pouch H&M

Leatherette Fringe Earrings F21

Bangles Miscellaneous

Let me know your thoughts, and what pieces inspire you to trying new and daring outfit ideas?



AfroChic Lifestyle


June 7, 2012

3 days until SunFest and my Little(Play) Brother and Mentee from grad school is coming in from “The Boot” to help me with the festival.  I went from having him live right around the corner when I was in Cali to him now being on the Gulf Coast and me on the East.  So its a mini reunion and work gig all smashed into one.

The heat is back after a few chilly days which means no more last minute OOTD changes.  Its always a goal of mine to step  up my pants game simply because I don’t like pants.  I love alot of the new trousers and peg leg style pants that Ive been seeing. The work well for us less hippy Queens. Today’s OOTD is hopefully a step in that direction, let me know your thoughts? And don’t forget to Love your Body today, flaws, fineness, and all. More details after the jump!

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June 5, 2012

So it seems it was much cooler today than expected.  For me once June rolls around Im no longer interested in checking the weather I feel like it should always be warm whether rain or shine.

Which means todays OOTD quickly became something else.

In life in general I tend to default to skirts or dresses. Well it was def spring nippy this morning which means I went for pants, and even worse I went for Blue Jeans.

I am not a Blue Jeans kind of girl, in my mind I would like to be and I own plenty of pairs but when I go to put them on they rarely fit right, my thighs suffocate struggling to stretch more room, my hips are generally straight and finding a pair of jeans for straight hips and thick thighs I guess is not common.

Click after the jump for more OOTD Details!!!

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I normally would not do a plug for work, but for this one I am making the exception as its my event and I am producing it, which means its sure to be fierce! I  Would love love love to have some natural hair vendors represented. If you have your own haircare line, make jewelry or hair adornments then you should check out our SunFest 2011  call to vendors!!!

SunFest 2011 Call to Vendors

Do you create or sell traditional arts & crafts that represent the diverse communities inMontgomeryCounty? Are you a community service group that wants to share information with a large public audience? Are you a concessions vendor that offers yummy food treats, or a food truck serving exotic cuisine? Are you a green company with cool products that protect and preserve our environment? Then SunFest 2011 is where you need to be!

The second annual Washington Revels SunFest is a one-day outdoor event held in Downtown Silver Spring,SilverPlaza, onEllsworth Streetbetween Georgia Avenue & Fenton Street (includingSilverPlaza). SunFest 2011 will be held on Sunday, June 19 from 1pm-5pm.  The event is free to the public. Last year’s SunFest had an attendance of over 8,000 patrons and looks to have an even greater turnout this year! Please find below more information about the event and a vendor registration form is attached.

Our Mission: SunFest is a summer solstice celebration of world cultures hosted by Washington Revels. Designed to give both professional and non-professional performers and groups an opportunity to shine and share their cultures, the festival features traditional performing arts -music, dance, drama, and storytelling – from around the world, creating connections among diverse communities.

Entry Requirements and Fees:  As space is limited and because we want the festival to have a certain character, we reserve the right to turn down vendors. Booth fees help pay for event publicity. The sooner you register, the more publicity we can produce. All booths spaces are a minimum of 10 by 10′.

  • Crafts and Products Vendor: $55. We prefer original handmade arts and crafts and unusual manufactured products that represent cultures worldwide, as well as environmentally sustainable products.
  • Concessions Vendor: $75 for concessions or any booth requiring electric hookup. Concessions are desserts or pre-packaged snacks.
  • Food Trucks: $125. We have openings for 2-3 Gourmet Food Truck vendors that represent multicultural/multi-ethnic foods.
  • Community Service booths will be offered free, but space is extremely limited.  Spaces are offered to arts, educational, and community service non-profits; selling any goods, services or soliciting money is prohibited.
  • Fee is for booth space only; no additional equipment is provided. Vendors must provide own table/chair/canopy as desired; all equipment and displays must fit within 12’ x 12’ designated booth.


Space Assignment & Schedule:  There are really good spaces for booths, most of which are prime spaces between our two performing stages.  The booth spaces are assigned based on the date the application is received, so the earlier you sign up the better the location of your booth. Washington Revels will mark off the booth locations and be prepared to show you your space from 8am-noon. Setup may  begin as early as 8am and must be completed by noon. You should be “open for business” by 1pm on Sunday. The hours for sales are from 1pm until 5pm.  All vendors are to remain open for business until 5pm, when clean-up and break-down can begin.


If you would like to participate, please complete the enclosed registration form and return with your check payable to Washington Revels, Inc.

SunFest Vendor Registration Form

Please find my contact information below. The most convenient and easiest way to contact me is via email; calls only between 9am-5pm. Please share this announcement with others who may be interested.  I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to seeing you at the festival.


Amber Curry~ SunFest Producer~ sunfest@revelsdc.org

acurry@revelsdc.org ~240.821.1214 (direct office)~301.587.3835 (main office)

Are you a performing arts group that represents African, Latino, Caribbean, Asian, American, European, or other heritages? Then check out our SunFest Call to Vendors.

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