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The ultimate goal when it comes to my hair is finding products that leave it soft and mosturized without being overly oily.  Granted when it comes to me I will defaulty for having oily strands than dry ones.  I am still tinkering with my current hair regimen, there are old staples I will always use and some new visitors too.

Ive been wanting to try the Nubian Heritage Line and was a bit confused because their branding is very similar to Shea Moisture, ironically if you aren’t a fan Shea Moisture then you probably won’t like this line either because it is oil based.

I had used Moringa Oil before in the Heutiful Hair Masque but that masque just sat on top of my hair.  Alone I am not a fan of EVOO either but this recipe works for my hair, their concoction also includes, henna, quinoa, and fennal which all act as moisturizers and protect the hair shaft.

I love the repair and extend hair butter, I could feel it coating the shaft of my hair and as soon as I applied to to freshly cleansed hair it softened my hair immediately. I also love the light floral scent it leaves.

The hair gel directs you to use only the gel and nothing else, and I would agree. I used the first time around with all 3 products and my hair was too oily, which is saying a lot for me .

I tend to use entirely too much product in general so this line will help me to learn to use it sparingly, but overall I am impressed. Even though I applied to much on my first application I left it on overnight and my hair sucked up all that moisturing goodness.  My hair was soft and most of the excess oil had absorbed.

As far as Shampoo goes, this is where I tend to find more hype than results.  So because of that Ive gone back to what I know. Herbal Essences Hydralicious is a great shampoo that has never left my hair feeling stripped. It’s not all natural but it works for me.

My sister turned me on to the Natural Hawaiian Alba Drink it Up Coconut Milk Conditioner  while I was in Denver, and while we have two different hair textures it works for both of us.  This is another example of me having to try an oil in a differnt form.  Cocunut Oil is another oil I havent used because it also sits on top of my hair shaft, but not with this conditioner.

I have to admit this is the most delicious conitioner I have ever used.

IC Polisher is my go-to gel, Nuff Said.

I used the  SoftSheen Carson Mango Oil and Cupuacu Butter Curl Reviving Spray this morning on dry hair and feeling it this afternoon it is still soft, no crunchy piecs and my hair actually settled better today than yesterday.  I also dont have any oily residue being left behind on my finger tips.  Not sure if this has to do with my using less product or the Curl Reviving Spray contributed.

I absolutely love the Shea Moisture Line, and anybody who knows me knows its going to be one of the top 3 lines I reccommend especially to New Naturals.  I had the Curling Souffle earlier this year but gave it away as a gift.  I have a love/hate relationship with this product.  I love the way it shines and defines my curls, I do not like the stick residue that is left on my hair when I use it.  On the days I use this product I know it a “No Hand in Hair” kinda day.

Another oldie but goodie IC Polisher Pure Tea Silky Gel Moisturizer. It does exactly what it says. Makes my hair feel silky, and it mixes well with other products.

Skin Update Too!

Updated my oil cleansing method as well. Using a mix of Avocado, Castor, Grapeseed Oil right now, and for the breakouts I am still loving Yes to Tomatoes.  I just tried the face masque for the first time and it is also amazing.



Water Mother Puppet at SunFest 2012 A Celebration of World Cultures

I produce a festival in Dowtown Silver Spring, MD called SunFest and this is our 3rd Annual Year. It will be held Sunday, June 10, from 1pm-6pm. As a part of my personal mission for this event I seek to give opportunities Black Owned Business’ and Peformance Groups, and students who may be interested in learning Live Event Producing.

Last year was a great success and I am hoping this year that my reach will be able to extend even further.  So I am reaching out to those in the DMV area and beyond.  Last year one of my favorite vendors Featherlicious came all the way from Philly with some of the fiercest earrings and accessories on the East Coast.

Earrings by Featherlicious 2011 and 2012 SunFest Vendor

SunFest 2012 Call for Vendors

I am looking for

  • community service organizations
  • natural hair/products vendors
  • eccectic jewlery and fashion vendors
  • green vendors
  • fun food vendor trucks.
  • If you don’t fit into any specific category please don’t let that keep you from applying.  I am looking to offer a diverse, ecclectic, hip mix of vendors.

SunFest 2012 Call for Performers

In the way of performance group,s this year I am looking for some young fresh local DC talent that might be using a mix/fusion of different styles of music or are preserveing or reviving DC performance styles and also a World Fusion DJ.

I am also looking for performnace groups that perform traditional material the belonging to a specific cultural group.

SunFest is a Celebration of World Cultures that encourages cultural exchange while supporting and fostering the diversity that exists within our local and world communities. This is not only a chance for you to come a learn about the cultures of others but instead a chance for us all to engage, share, and spread the knowledge we possess.

This is a great event for exposure last year we had a turnout of over 8,000 individuals and all of our performance groups are paid.

If you are not able to participate as a vendor or performance group I ask you to please attend its a great family friendly event along with our two perfomance stages there is also a Kids Zone Area with arts and crafts and water play on the Silver Plaza.

and while I know its Chocolate City and Black folks doing big things here is more common than not (you’d be surprised), I am the first Black Employee at the organization that I work for, so doing this event means a lot to me. So if for anything come out and support me and what I am working and striving for, for our Black Community and Communities of Color.

Vehicles for Change at SunFest 2011

SunFest 2012 Call for Volunteers

I am also looking for volunteers for this event. So if you know of a young person (specifically young persons of colors) who might be interested in planning events, theatre, the arts, stage mangaement, and producing this is a great event to gain some of that experience. Montgomery County Students can get their community service hours by participating in this event.

If you are simply interested in cultural exhange, and exploring the many diverse cultures that are represented in the DMV area this is a great event for voluteering and really exploring the community performance culture here in DC.

Mama Merinda African Dance Troupe

Busking Belly Dancers

Sulata from the Fojol Bros. A Travelling Culinary Carnival

If you are interested you can visit the Festival Website SunFest.Revelsdc.Org

where you can find more info about the festival and applications available for download.

You can also email me at

If you are in the DMV area, please share this post and pass the information along!

The NeoAfro