This is a mini-update of my Denver Vacation. These photos haven’t been edited in the least but I wanted to put them up.

Photo above is of the SouthernFriedBelgian Sandwich I had from DBar which is owned by Keegan Gerhard.

The food at this place was delicious, and the desserts, so good you feel bad… nuff said. Plus in addition to great food the prices are all under $15.

and FYI I added Tempura Lobster to my SouthernFriedBelgian. Seems like overkill I know, but not in the least.

My sister and hubby for Dessert had

pineapple v.2.0
honey cake • spiced pineapple • cilantro • macadamia lace • passion fro yo

This place is known for its desserts and cakes Mom and I had

What the fall…!?! 
cornmeal # cake • h.m. goat cheesecake • spiced squash compote • yogurt sorbet

and FYI I hate squash… this was the best dessert I have ever had in my life.

OOTD for my first few days here. I’m on a roll and the best is yet to come. I like how all of these ‘fits turned out.

Sister and Hubby

I’ve missed my sister like crazy and her natural is getting fiercer by the day.  She rarely straightens it but I found the pic above. Shes so gorgeous.

Skittle and Tea for Trayvon at the rally in City Park.

I had a chance to hang out with my twin cousins yesterday as well. These girls are hilarious and fearless. The last shot is at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Mickey Mouse Kachina Doll

There are a few more random shots below. I am realizing it probably would have been easier to just to an album, but oh well!

Today we are off to Red Rocks, Pearl St. and, Colorado Mills.

So Stay Tuned for More!

Happy Monday


Turned 28

Faded my TWA

and Iv’e got two Seahorses for best friends today

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March 20, 2012

Photo of the Day




March 16, 2012

Its Spring in the DMV which means warmth, no more grey skin, and a chance for me to capture this re-birth behind the lens.

It also means a 28th birthday on the 21st

Spring in tha DMV…

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March 14, 2012

So here’s the thing… I like my clothes short. When it comes to dresses, skirts, and shorts, the shorter the better.

I love my legs, love thick legs… but I also realize that with age Ive got to make sure that my wardrobe is moving forward.

Which means short is not always the answer. I don’t plan on giving up my love for all things short but I am hoping to tailor my selections a bit, and start to integrate my wardrobe with more midi and ankle length pieces.

I tend to be more attracted to the extremes… I either want the shortest short or the longest maxi. I completely forgot about a dress I had purchased over the holidays at H&M. I wasn’t sure about the length when I purchased it but it was $20 on clearance and I couldnt pass it up. Now I wish I had purchased it in purple as well.

Im glad I found this piece, because when I put on this dress it feels and fits perfectly and is low maintanance too.




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Remembering to stop and take a break, enjoy life, pay attention to the world around me is sometimes hard for me to do… but my camera helps more often then not is my little reminder the paradise thats around me if I’d just stop to look…. its also more likely to happen when the weather is nice. 72 degrees in DC, summer hurry please…

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Since my 2nd Big Chop, I’ve managed to dye my hair as well as completely re-work my hair regimen.

My main concern right now is moisture. The more my hair is short like this, the more I am beginning to fall in love all over again with my curls.

Its funny though because I remember when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I was super scissor happy with hair when younger and I got it in my mind that I wanted short texturized locs.  I will never forget after my hair was all cut off I kept waiting for the woman to add some product, to say something encouraging, anything but she just left me and my hair.

When I got home I cried for days, I was sure I had ruined my life. The jokes came as soon as I set foot in school.

But the difference between then and now, is that now, I love the skin Im in regardless of onlookers.

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March 1, 2012

It’s March which means 20 days till my birthday and what better way to start of my birthday month than with 65 degrees worth of warm weather.

I had no idea what I was going to wear today I only knew that there would be sandals in the midst. They’ve been boxed up in my closet for far too long, with 3 years of living in California, and being a barefoot gal growing up in the south. I can only go so long before my toes are craving open air.


Check out more plus a bit on my skin regime after the jump!



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