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H&M is FINALLY coming to Nashville

I can’t really express my extreme jubilation at this occurrence.  There is no date yet but they will be building a custom space in Opry Mills!!!


I am production stage managing Cabaret for Tennessee Repertory Theatre


If you are in the Nashville area you should come and see it and support your girl.  It runs February 16-March 9 with previews on Feb 14 & 15.  It will be extended through March 16 and may be extended further.  I would be a great Valentine’s Date Night Event and its cost friendly.

I have also started teaching part-time at my undergrad MTSU


photo (4)

I am not longer blonde and am officially a red head! At first I have to admit I wasn’t feeling it, but I do love it now.  I used a Ion’s Demi Permanent in Dark Copper Blonde. Demi permanents work best when coloring lightened hair.  I used two boxes and a 10 developer.  Never use more than a 10 developer with a demi permanent.

This is a twistout that I installed on Saturday Night.  I blew out my hair last week and wanted to keep as much length as possible so I only used a small amount of Hydratherma Natural Daily Growth Lotion on each twisted section. I untwisted and fluffed this morning.

photo 3

Here’s today’s OOTD! Dress is one of my favs its gotta be close to 10 years old.  This was Isaac Mizrahi when he first started doing lines for Target.  The belt is also Target.  Leather Tassle Necklace is Asos. I have on my Steve Madden Camel Boots.

photo 4

The weather is headed past 60 today so I tossed on this F21 MexiCali Cape.

Sorry I look all crooked and disheveled but there were some quick shots done in the middle of working. Ill post a few other outtakes below.

Let me know what you all have going on in the New Year, I wanna know!!!

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I am officially back and haven’t forgotten about you guys.  I’ve been back in Tennessee for 2 weeks now and I am still getting myself adjusted…trying to turn off my city brain and get back into my southern girl state of mind.

In the coming months I will be working on making the AfroChic Lifestyle an original brand, and a part of this process will be me getting my creative on, and really focusing on the areas that I feel scream AfroChic.

One part of the business that I am hoping to get going first is a line of homemade hand canned goodies. So in prep I am taking a Canning Class at the Cohn Adult Learning Center in West Nashville.

A big part of my being back in my city is really and truly discovering everything Nashville has to offer.  There are so many hidden gems and resources in this city so a fun part of the process will also be rediscovering all the great things this city has to offer.

So there are more pics from my Adventures in Pickling after the Jump and my OOTD for the class as well. You know me!

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April 22, 2011

I thought I might make it a whole month with Patra braids. Instead, they lasted for three weeks. I think I suffer from Hair ADD.  The only styles that last longer than a few weeks for me are the ones I can’t take out in a few hours or less. I cut one braid this morning before work and an hour later I was done. But I ain’t complaining three weeks of no hands in hair as opposed to none, is still…

a pretty sweet deal.

Winter and my hair don’t get along to well and figuring out that routine was rough. Now that spring is here I am in a familiar place. I may try keeping it in some sort of protective style for three weeks and wearing it out or in temporary styles for two weeks. I took out my first few braids and my hair was super soft, I thought it was a fluke, but it weren’t. Really, ever since I’ve started using the Hydratherma Naturals line, specifically the daily growth lotion, my hair has been sicksoft! While I wore my braids, I mixed a small amount in my Shea Moisture Thickening Moisture Mist that I sprayed on daily and it seems to have worked. When I installed the braids I blew dry my hair on low and used only a bit of IC Polisher Gel, Hydratherma Naturals Daily Growth Lotion and Hair Growth Oil.

Make sure you check back for a strictly Curls Post where I will be updating my Spring/Summer hair routine and reviewing my standard ol’ faithful goodies and some ones. To include: Hairveda’s Herbal Green Tea Thick Hair Oil Creme, Whipped Jelly, and SitriNillah Ultra Moisturizing Deep Masque.

As proof of my spontaneous pretty shiny thing syndrome, I was eager to take out my braids but realized there would be no time to wash my hair

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