CurryCurls & the NeoAfro

April 18, 2011

(Updated 4/26/12)

The purpose of this blog continues to evolve. BespokeCurry a more fitting term because this blog is custom-tailored to me.  My intersts, work,  loves, talents are many but at the heart of all this is my love, concern,  and pride (and a million other descriptive work in the Black Community).

I stand on the foundations that our generation is not lost or a waste and here in this place I can show that through any an every avenue I feel connects to me and connects me to my people and the world.  I am interested in being held accountable, making and impact, but an impact that is beyond cliches, and impact that I have not wholly discovered yet.

But it is not just natural hair it goes beyond that.  Its about the mentality…it is a lifestyle that starts at the roots and takes hold.

TheNeoAfro. The cool… the chic… the provocative and progressive… the thought provoking… the bitter and the sweet … the love… the creativity…the community… the accountability…


A BespokeCurry Intro

My love affair with blogs began somewhere back in 2000 when a few close high school friends suggested I get a DeadJournal. I went from DeadJournal to DeviantArt, then on to LiveJournal, that facecrack thing happened,  had a couple of bouts with Blogger, got a twitter, rolled into tumblr  and in between each of those… life happened, which means I forgot to blog, gave up, got bitter, spent 3 years in grad school, changed from boys, to fashion, growing pains, back to boys, art, love aka boys… you get the idea.  I was on overload (still am), I blog my life through fragments on social media and that instant gratification just isn’t enough. So, I’m back!

I’ve got this itch yet again, but this time I was sure I wanted it to be focused on hair, natural hair specifically. As I fell more and more into the NeoAfro movement  I realized there were so many great blogs already out there, and I’m not new to the natural hair game.  Perhaps newly inspired to love my hair more but this stuff that’s growing out of my head is not foreign.  Plus I’ve never been the greatest about blogging about just one topic, I get bored until a prettier shinier blog topic arrives .

and then … it came to me…

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