June 19, 2012

Tuesday’s OOTD and I’m still rockin my No Makeup Face just some mascara and gloss.  Another reason I’ll be happy to get back to Tennessee,  I had issues with my skin when I lived on the West Coast, and issues on the East Coast though not as many, and as much as I complain about the HumidSouth my hair and skin act best under those circumstances.

Click after the jump for more details on today’s ‘Fit and also a Natural Hair Quick Tip for easy texture.  I’m planning on getting back into the habit of doing more posts on natural hair, these posts just require more time and effort and will be easier for me to do once I am back home!

Here lately as I continue on my natural hair journey, I have really been evaluating the obsession with “well-defined” curls and length.  It seems we go from one extreme to the next and keep finding ways to divide ourselves within a movement that clearly has the ability to bring us back together as a community.  “Undefined curls now suddenly means your hair in  unkept and ragged, and well if you rock a TWA you’re just at the beginning of the process and it will get better once you have more length.

These responses are ALL WRONG .  I honestly am in awe of the diversity that you find amongst women of color and our curls locks and it bothers me that the default on the majority  of the natural hair blogs I see out there, and  yes I mean the majority, are all focused on Long Hair.  Actions speak louder than words plain and simple, and while blogs cover women who have Big Chopped, the majority of the photos posted and praised are of women with long hair, rockin twist outs, or roller sets etc.

What about the fierce women out there who are rocking TWA’s as a permanent option? Or the women who hate twist-outs etc. and the maintenance that come with aka Solange.  Who I respect more than anything for basically telling those “whoever they think they ares” to F off in so many words.

I am disgusted by the actions of some of our Black Women, it makes me furious, cause these were the same girls who when I was rockin my natural back in high school told me I looked like a slave girl because I wore two french braids with ribbons tied to them.  I honestly have room for this kind of ignorance.  We have so much further to go and while Natural Hair is the amazing movement that it is, this to me proves that there are still people out there still rockin their Natural Hair with a  Relaxed Hair mentality.

I  too struggle with the excess of “long hair well define curls” same images. This time last summer I had shoulder-length curls.  But why am I so consumed with long, sleek, defined hair? Plain and simple it is not the way my hair grows, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I understand completely that for some women Natural Hair has been the gateway to long hair because they’ve seen their hair grow in ways that they didn’t think was possible, but that doesn’t excuse looking down on another person because their curls may be undefined or short.  This is exactly what the masses/media wants us to do though, and it already happening.

The obsession with looking for products that will give you the most definition, finding inspiration only in the photos of girls with long, define curls… on an on the cycle goes…but are you bold enough to break that cycle?

The next time you go to make and snarky comment about someone’s natural hair, stop, think about why, ask them about their hair if you are confused or don’t understand, compliment them, celebrate them, but can’t keep dividing. Make a conscious effort to love us, all of us, if not for yourself, for the future of our community.


Ok so major rant above back to my Natural Hair Quick tip.  I said all of that to say that I am challenging myself to not be so obsessed with definition, or the perfect product for definition.  I just wanna let my curls be who they be.  So twist outs are great and most of the women I see doing them are rocking them for protective styling but also leaving them in for weeks at a time to get that definition.

So I am switching from completely defined curls and hoping just to highlight my texture.  I love when my hair is a mish mush of everything define, undefined, chunky, fluffy …

  • One way that I do this is first thing when I am up in the morning before I show I head to the bathroom and put in two flat twists and do some finger coils on dry hair (pictured above).
  • When done I spray with a curls refresher and my fav oil blend. Then I continue with the morning.
  • I get in the shower, no shower cap, I like to let the steam invade my curls.
  • Once I am dressed and have done everything I need to for the morning before heading out the door I untwist my hair and run through my finger coils.
  • Depending on the day I leave my hair it the state above from 45 mins – 2 hours. 

After. You can see all kind of texture in my hair from coils that didn’t get completely pulled apart to different fluffy bits and pieces! Me loves!

Now for the OOTD

Over-sized T-Shirt Dress H&M Winter/Spring 2010

Necklace F21

Spiked Stud Earring Fashion To Figure

Silver Dipped White Flats Aldo

Bracelets Miscellaneous

Fun Shot from Yesterday’s OOTD

Love, Peach, and AfroChic


The NeoAfro


4 Responses to “Curry(SilverNGoldOOTD+NaturalHairQuickTip)Curls”

  1. Keesha said

    I couldnt have said it better myself. Its always interesting to hear people down the way someone else wears their hair or styles themselves. We were all created to be who we are. Its really not anyones business what anyone else does.

    With that said: Gimmee that dress woman!

  2. Tharjye Bigsistagorgeousone Philando said

    You definitely opened my eyes i went natural last yr. august an with me not doing my research i was so obsessed with other naturals an their length an defining my curls that i thought by putting in a blonde color it would soften an define but uneducated as i was i just ended up damaging my hair therefore i did another big chop in march of this yr cutting off all the blonde an now that i had to start over im still a lil concerned about definition but i love my twa more now then i did when i did my first big chop an though i have alot of hair crushes out there i dont think im gonna be one of those long hair naturals i need to just leave it a make it do what it do!

    • CurryCurls said

      Tharjye. Thank you so much for this perspective and for being honest, and I completely understand, I think the most important part is that we are aware and remain determined not to let this be another area where we divide ourselves even more.

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