June 18, 2012

I hope that everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend! I wasn’t able to be home with my family but of course I still felt the love. Sent a ComicBook Card off to my dad because well he the reason why Im such and AfroGeek anyway.  His comic book collection as a kid was borderline obsessive and well he was really into the Black Comic Heroes which was even more exciting to me, and well it still excites me today. I’m sad when I ask little Black kids about Black Comic Book characters and all I get is Storm from X-Men.

I am less than 10 days away from heading back to Tennessee and well I can’t say that I’ve packed much of anything.  I’ve put most of the items up in my apartment for sale, I’ve sold a few pieces but I need to sell much more!

I am so happy to be headed home and yet the fancy mix of emotions I am experiencing is getting on my nerves.

So this is just a round-up of my the weekends OOTD’s and whatever other little bits and piece of me I can find to throw in.

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So I have already posted this OOTD but I entered in it Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles’ contest to win tickets to the year’s Africa Fashion Week in August.

A little shameless plug for self! But I would be most appreciative if you could go and vote for me, and If you have already voted, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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Shameless Plug now Complete!

Saturday’s AfroChic OOTD

Black and Turquoise Tribal Short Shorts Gap Summer 2011

Light Pink Sheer Racer Back Blouse H&M Summer 2011

Black Leather Criss Cross Sandals Urban Outfitters Summer 2008

Wood Drop Earrings SunFest Vendor Jah2

Animal Tooth Tribal Necklace F21

Bracelets F21 (Peacock Feather), Miscellaneous, Pink and Blue Handmade Ghanaian (SunFest 2012 Vendor), and my Bugs Off Bracelet from my June CurlBox. The Bugs-Off bracelet is a must have for everyone’s summer adventures.  I Googled the bracelet and while I didn’t find the exact brand I have there are lots of them.  I am actually looking into these and seeing if this might be a DIY project I can do, they do come in various colors, but I would love to make some that look like a new dope addition to your wrist party ensembles.

a close up of the pattern on the shorts.

Arm Party, Wrist Party, Bangle Swag!

Saturday Relaxin, I spent most of the day in the house, waiting on folks to come over and buy stuff. I have to say I’ve met more interesting people in my last few months here in DC than my entire two years here. Isn’t that how it always happens?

Scored some more awesome photo apps. RetroGram, PolyFrame, and FilterMania 2.

Finally found some apps that allow you to collage one photo into multiple frames.

If you haven’t noticed another way that I carry Africa with me daily is through my love of all things bright, patterned, tribal, anything that speaks to me that lends itself to our traditions of being a bright, bold, and regal people!

Picked up some steals from the one and only Forever Twenty-One. Everything I bought this time around was from the straight sizes. One tip I have for women of all sizes is to try it on. US sizing is so off anyway, stop looking at the tags and trust your gut instinct.  You never know what kind of awesome pieces you may come across.

This burnt orange sweater I purchased with cut-out shoulders is probably my steal purchase of the weekend.  I always look for distinct pieces that look high-end even if they’re really not!  Most of time in F21 it means you’re going to need to try it on, cause there are some items that look cheap on the hanger but once your body you get a different effect and vice versa.

As I said I missed out on Father’s Day Seafood Lunch in Tennessee but I’m not the only one who loves to take pictures in my family, so I felt as if I was there.

The Bestie is also super geeked I’ll be home cause this is the first time we’ve been back in the same city since undergrad!

Great things are on the horizon for the both of us as we prepare to undergo our first business venture together.

and finally we have today’s AfroChic OOTD

It’s a rainy Monday and I was up early and just really grabbed the first things that came into mind.

Black and White Stripe Oxford Old Navy (its really old)

Black Mesh Cut-Out Leggings Asos Curve Winter 2009

Silver Peep Toe White Flats Aldo Spring 2010

Malcom X Specs Target Spring/Summer 2012

Bracelets Miscellaneous

MudCloth, Arm Gathering(not quite a party), Mesh Cut-Out Leggings.

Happy Monday my Kings and Queens!

Stay AfroChic  and don’t forget to love your body and to encourage someone to do the same!




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  1. Keesha said

    Hooray that youre coming back to the south!

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