June 14, 2012

In Jr. High I swore off yellow, it seemed like every time I wore anything yellow folks would comment on how I looked sick, I didnt get it then, but now I know its about the shade of yellow.  Either way Yellow is probably one of my fav colors for 2012. The Neons are crazy popular right now and I love them too but Im not a fan of looking like the rest of the crowd.  For me especially in a season where something might be trendy even if I like the trend I always aim to find different way to play around and also to make the trend my own.

How do you find a balance between trendy and your own style?

Get the Outfit Details after the Jump!

Yellow & White Polka Dot Blouse Old Navy Spring 2012

White Linen Drawstring Pants Old Navy Summer 2009

Yellow Sandals Old Navy Summer 2010


iPad Holder Threads of Change

“proceeds from each sale of our one-of-a-kind handmade cases, bags and accessories help support the Manya Krobo Queen Mothers Association. Their motto: “Every Child Is Our Child.”” This case is one of the ways that I carry Africa with me Daily, my mom and I both have one and I plan to invest in another at some point in time.

Zebra Pouch Spring/Summer 2012

Bangles/Braceleets Miscellaneous

Earrings Akente Express(Denver, CO)

Don’t forget to love your Body just the way it is!

Happy Weekend King’s and Queens!



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2 Responses to “Curry(HelloYellowOOTD)Curls”

  1. Keesha said

    I LOVE polkadots! This is so cute and breezy 🙂 As far as trends go, Im not really a bandwagon jumper-on’r lol. If I like it and its a trendy thing so be it. But I do like the the neon trend! Maybe I’ll get some from H&M today lol

    • CurryCurls said

      I wishy washy about my bandwagon jumping although most times Im on the bandwagon cause I was one it when it was empty lol H&M has neon for days, gawwwwwww and the jewelry! Can’t wait for the Post!

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