June 12, 2012

The past week of my life has pretty much been a whirlwind of activity and I couldn’t have done it without the folks in the pic to the left. I have to admit that I have some awesome friends who are there for me when I need them most.  SunFest 2012 would have been a no go if it wasnt for Spoon, Coco, and Madame CJ(not pictured)

So this post will have a few of my OOTD’s for the past week and also some goodies that were gifted to me by some of my fabulous vendors!

Check out more after the jump!

OOTDs for the next few weeks probably won’t be of the best quality. I’m about to begin the process of packing so I can get back to Tennessee at the end of this month which means mirror pic, ah well, you’ll get the jist. Once I’m home though we should be back in action.

Its rainy today but still humid and warm so I adjusted appropriately.

Cropped Tank F21 Spring 2012

High Waist Leggings American Apparel

Combat Boots Steve Madden Winter 2009

Faux Bow Specs (I LOVE THESE) Eastern Market Vendor DC

Black Rhinestone Studs F21

This is what I wore out to lunch yesterday with the fab folks above before getting BSpoons to the airport.

Dress F21 Spring 2012

Oversized Wood Earring Jah2 SunFest2012 Vendor (Philly Based)

Black Beaded Necklace (2) H&M

Bangles Miscellaneous

Wood Ring F21

Zebra Pouch H&M Spring 2012

Black Leather/Metallic Sandals Gap Summer 2011

SunFest2012 was a raving mad success and while the day was exhausting I couldn’t be more proud and satisfied.

My McLoud9 Original turned out awesome and I can tell you the amount of comments I got on the bustier top and skirt.

The 3rd pic is Water Mother one of the big puppets that is used in the opening procession  and last is one of our favorite performance groups Roda Movements doing their Capoeira Demonstration!

Purchased from Jah2 a Philly based vendor who participated in SunFest 2012.  I saw these from afar and knew I had to have them.  They are huge and well when it comes to earrings for me, the bigger, the better!

This is authentic Ghanaian Beaded Jewelry that was gifted to me. Love love love!

authentic South African Beaded Necklace made in Soweto Gifted.

And of course I snagged some delicious shea butter from Berry Butter, LLC.

I got Zanzibar which is HoneyDew Scented and Zanzibar which is a men’s musk but it smells delicious on women too.

All in all I scored some great items and Im still rockin my AfroChic Lifestyle carring Africa with me in any and everything that I do, not just how I dress. I know I still owe further definition on the AfroChic Lifestyle and I promise it is coming soon.

Either way I love snagging one of a kind items at festivals and other unique events, and its a great way to diversify and personalize your wardrobe.  What are some of your fav one of a kind pieces?

Until then have a Dope week my Beautiful People!


The NeoAfro

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