June 6, 2012



SunFest is a mere 4 days away so all of my creativity right now is being channeled into the festiva.l Which means any remaining creativity left equates to me wearing what’s easy, low maintenance, yet still feminine. This isn’t one of my get em girl ensembles but I still feel like the me I know and love!

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Dress Gap (DIY Chopped the Hem)

Belt & Bracelet H&M

Sandals Cynthia Vincent Target

Earrings Akente Express


No MakeUp Face-

I’ve been having crazy breakouts on the forehead=stress and cheeks =hormones, which I have just now gotten under control.

I’m a big advocate of the Oil Cleaning Method( especially for Black Skin) but usually when my breakouts get out of control that even oil cleaning isn’t helping. I oil cleanse in the morning and wash with Black Soap at night.  Using My Yes to Tomatoes Skin Clear Skin Clearing Facial Mask , wearing it overnight.  During the day I use the Yes to Tomatoes Acne Roller Ball Spot Stick and SPF 50 Sunscreen, and a bit of mascara and lip moisturizer.


How are you loving your body and self today?

Body Love

Body Positive

Body Acceptance


The NeoAfro

More about the AfroChic Lifestyle in upcoming posts!

2 Responses to “Curry(OOTD+Skin)Curls”

  1. Keesha said

    I need to get back to the OCMethod. It really worked well, not sure why I stopped. I use the Yes to Carrots products.

    • CurryCurls said

      A lot of people end up telling me they stop even though it works lol Ive been going strong from 2 years now! I like the entire Yes to Carrots line though Ive only done the facial products havent gotten into the hair!

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