June 5, 2012

So it seems it was much cooler today than expected.  For me once June rolls around Im no longer interested in checking the weather I feel like it should always be warm whether rain or shine.

Which means todays OOTD quickly became something else.

In life in general I tend to default to skirts or dresses. Well it was def spring nippy this morning which means I went for pants, and even worse I went for Blue Jeans.

I am not a Blue Jeans kind of girl, in my mind I would like to be and I own plenty of pairs but when I go to put them on they rarely fit right, my thighs suffocate struggling to stretch more room, my hips are generally straight and finding a pair of jeans for straight hips and thick thighs I guess is not common.

Click after the jump for more OOTD Details!!!

Shirt Target

Skirt H&M

Shoes Gap

Owl Earrings & Ring F21

Bangles Miscellaneous

Don’t Forget to Love your Body Today!

Body Acceptance/Body Positive

Jeans Gap

Sandals Old Navy

Trying my hardest not to let my SunFest Stress Show-Thru!



Anythang ya’ll wanna chat about you know its Talkin Tuesday?

2 Responses to “Curry(OOTD)Currls”

  1. Keesha said

    I agree about the weather. I shouldnt have to check first after May in Alabama but alas….

    Anywho, you look great! Though I love the first look, I think the jeans look great too 🙂
    Countdown to SunFest 🙂

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