Curry(TWAHairRegimen+DIY Dye)Curls

March 5, 2012

Since my 2nd Big Chop, I’ve managed to dye my hair as well as completely re-work my hair regimen.

My main concern right now is moisture. The more my hair is short like this, the more I am beginning to fall in love all over again with my curls.

Its funny though because I remember when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I was super scissor happy with hair when younger and I got it in my mind that I wanted short texturized locs.  I will never forget after my hair was all cut off I kept waiting for the woman to add some product, to say something encouraging, anything but she just left me and my hair.

When I got home I cried for days, I was sure I had ruined my life. The jokes came as soon as I set foot in school.

But the difference between then and now, is that now, I love the skin Im in regardless of onlookers.

Growing up it was hard coming from strong family foundations where I was encouraged to be me and then going out into the world and encountering the exact opposite. Add to that confused hormonal teenage angst and identity for a young Black girl can explode and its not always positive. Honestly I am so thankful for that struggle, and am thankful that I still continue to struggle, but as I stand and look in the mirror at this me I can’t help but giggle and cringe at the same time.

I dyed my hair just a little over a week ago and it was DIY. I have dyed my hair before and most of what I do with my hair is DIY. Honestly my salon experience has not been a good one and anytime my hair has been permanently damaged its been by a licensed hair stylist. Due to my last experience Ive decided no heat until 2017 (5 years) and I want to see if I can make it that long.  My advice on doing things DIY is you are your best judge, Ive been dealing with my natural hair since birth my fear is less than somone who has only ever known their hair in a chemically altered state.

What I Used:

1. 30 Creme Developer (The higher the number in the developer the more lift you are going to get on darker hair) This time I used a 30 but next time I will use a 40 lift. I wanted more blond but played safe just to be sure.

2. Clairol Professinals in Sunrise Gold and Applicator Bottle. If you see this color on the shelf it is majority blong with a mix of red and copper tones.

3. Gloves, and a thick Oil to protect around your hair line. I use Castor Oil.I use my fingers for application because my hair is so short.

4. Timer


1. I set my timer to count down from 50 minutes. Section hair in to four sections. Place oil to protect hairline. 1st bottle of dye mix with  2oz developer. For my first application I applied the dye leaving it about 1/2- 1 inch away from my roots. Place gloves on hands and apply dye to each section of hair.

2. After about 20 minutes of having the dye on my hair I mix a 2nd bottle with 4oz of developer. I then go through my hair and apply this mix to the 1/2 inch or so of hair I left at the root and work the dye all the way back to my tips.

3. After Ive finished the second application I put a shower cap on my head for the remainder of the time. Dye should be left on dark hair for 45-50minutes.

4. After time is up completely rinse all of the dye out of your hair before shampooing. I then shampoo, condition, deep condition, and style. The dye can release your curl pattern. My curls do release a bit but after about a couple of weeks and a few washes they are back to their standard shrinkage.

My Hair Regimen:

1. Clean, Condition, & Detangle Morrocan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner & Morrocan Oil Intense Hydration Mask ( I actually was recommended this line by a saloon stylist. I don’t like the styling aids but the shampoos and conditioners work well, my hair feels clean but not stripped)  No my hair is not in need of mositure repair but with dyeing it I want to make sure that it doesn’t get to that point, so I often use products that are for dry and brittle hair. I am still using my tangle teezer though I don’t have much to detangle usually its just my fingers that do the job.

2.  Moisturize Dr. Miracles Follicle Healer Hydrating Oil.  This isnt my fav oil to moisture with but it has menthol in it and it feel great on a freshly washed head, it tingles and really opens up and moisturizes my scalp and hair follices.

Next I apply IC Fantasia Silky Gel Moisturizer and Activator

I stumbled across this product accidentally and wanted to give it a try, it is much much lighter than a standar hair gel but it keeps my curls soft and defined. This is not a gel that is good for edges or keeping hair in place.

3. Seal I seal my end with Dax Pomade. I’ve heard lots about Dax and all of its ingredients are the things I shouldnt be using on my hair, but I love the way it works. I usually go through and shingle my end for extra definition with Dax.

At Night I spray with water apply a small amout of Dax and the Moisturing Gel and cover my hair with a silk bonnet.

Right now my regimen is really simple and I am thankful for that, eventually as it grow I will begin to fold in some of the tools and techniques I used in the past and hopefully I will come across some new ones as well. What is your current natural hair regimen?


4 Responses to “Curry(TWAHairRegimen+DIY Dye)Curls”

  1. Keesha said

    Thanks for the rundown…I may use this for mine when I finally decide on a color lol.

    My regimen is pretty simple: Cowash, Leave-in, Shea Butter, Twist, Seal with oil.

  2. Hey!

    Thanks so much for having us in your blogroll – you have sent SO much traffic our way! Thank you :).

    Would you mind sending me your contact info? I’d love to chat with you 🙂 shanley(at)nakateproject(dot)com. Thank you!

    • CurryCurls said

      So glad that I have been send traffic your way and I hope it continues. Please keep up the work that you are doing because it is so important.

      I sent you an email from currycurls(dot)gmail(dot)com
      Talk to you soon!

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