February 13, 2012

It wasn’t planned, didn’t even know I was going to do it.

I Big Chopped!

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Last Summer was a golden era for my hair and instead of leaving it be I decided I wanted to have it pressed and get my length checked. I ended up going to a Natural Hair Salon in Columbus, Ohio while I was visiting my best friend. The shop seemed great, it was newly opened, the staff was attentive, and the prices seemed to good to be true.  I was asking about the products they used in the shop and they told me the owner had created her own line.  I’ve been to a few shops where this was the case but I wasn’t alarmed.  I asked if they used a heat protectant when straightening hair and the stylist ensured me they did.

The press turned out great but when I went to wash my hair a couple of weeks later all of the curl on the sides and at the nape of my neck was gone.  With close to 10 inches hair on my head I wasn’t ready to jump the gun and cut it so for 6 months I left it alone did a lot of pony puffs and wraps, went back to the basics, and my curl pattern did begin to return. The hair on the left side of my hair seemed to be permanently straight. I did some research later and found that one of the products the owner was making was actually to release curl. I don’t know if this exact production was used on my hair but either way the damage was done.

I stood in front of the mirror a couple of days ago thinking that I was just going to do some major search and destroy and by the end of the night all of my hair was in a pile on the floor. I’m pleased, my curls are back and the length will return with time.

In the meantime

I need to re-learn my hair at this length

I’m thinking about dying it … something coppery

I’m swearing off heat permanently

Begin the hunt for the right shampoo, conditioner, products etc.


9 Responses to “Curry(BigChop)Curls”

  1. Drea said

    You look beautiful as always. Whether straight or curly. I myself have no idea what to do with my hair. I really want to cut it short with a perm and wear my sassy short cute. But I applaud your strength to just cut it off. Love u much curry curls!

  2. Achievings said

    Congrats on your bc! It suits you super well!

  3. Amber Payton said

    I love the cut girlie!!! I’m letting mine grow out until the summer and then cutting the remaining permed ends off. I should be 95% natural by then and I can’t wait!

  4. Kara said

    Again, my vote, while it’s short, fade the sides. It would look so trendy on you. I just know it! even a little shaved design or something. Pretty please? lmao!

  5. lushcoils said

    Congrats on your BC!

    You look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING with the short crop.

    The same thing happened to a dear friend of mine so you are NOT alone.

    I about 2.5 years in being natural and I’m still learning. A huge part of it is patience, practice and lots of trial & error.

    ROCK-ON CURLfriend!


    • CurryCurls said

      Lush Coils Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Yep Ive learned over the years that it takes patience, but Ive also learned not to become so attached to my hair either. If its gotta go, its gotta go!
      Hope to hear more from you!

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