January 11, 2012

Im back and sans the whole spiel about my going to do better.

Its 2012…plus I always manage to find my way back somehow.



I have been searching for new Black authors, was in need of something fresh as Im afraid Ive cycled through all of my Octavia E. Butler books entirely too much. A Surinamese genius I know recommended the above.  At night I dream of an Africa that is mine, and at the same time altogether foreign, but still calling.  Next up is The Book of Not: A Sequel to Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangaremba which unfortunately is not on


The most awesome accessory ever. Patterns patterns everywhere trending for life!

I also got a beautiful Cowrie Shell Mudcloth Case from Threads of Change on Etsy. The plan was to make my own case and still is, I still like to support the independently clever, crafty, and artistic too! I am also attempting to step up my photography game…




Tae and my Big Girl Mama

The plan is to eventually take a photography class but in the meantime I am drawing off my own skills, actually reading the instruction manual to my Nikon, and expanding my knowledge about photography. Something about the nostalgia of capturing a photo, looking back remembering when, it does something to me… creates a permanent piece of joy, pain, and



My Baby

Say hello to the newest member of our family, Baby. How can you not love face?

Happy New Year, Beautiful People!

2 Responses to “Curry(iRead…iPad…iPhoto…iBaby)Curls”

  1. Kara said

    I’m glad you’re back, you have an amazing eye. Keep doing this 🙂

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